Monday, January 30, 2006

Living Proof that Wingnuts Will Believe Anything

In case you haven't noticed, I have a new blog-buddy, a moronic crypto-fascist lockstep wingnut gadfly that I call alternately Chickenshit Charlie or Navy Boy (see for example his posts here and here, and especially check out where he calls me -- or my cats, it's not clear which -- "gay").

Chickenshit Charlie claims to be a Republican veteran, and he has his own blustery rightwing jingoistic suckass Baby-Doc-apologist blog. With that oh-so-typical Repug hypocrisy, he's another one of those who spew weakly venomous yet totally stupid invective all over liberal blogs, but remove posts from their own blogs that make them look bad. Not that he needs any help looking bad -- that pile-of-dog-crap blog of his is enough to make a web designer puke.

So he asks me how I can be a veteran while knocking someone else's service (i.e., Baby Doc's -- yeah, some service that was), and yet, bigger than shit on that waste-of-space frame-faced blog of his, he attacks John Kerry's service: "Kerry lied while good men died". He also attacks my service and Al Gore's service on my blog, while at the same time he says, "I'll never resort to degrading your service to this country-veterans don't do that to each other."

I guess that makes him both a liar AND a hypocrite...but then he already said he was a Republican.

He's currently blog-flogging that laughably simple-minded tinfoil-hat fairy tale that's making the rounds of the credulous rightwing blogosphere, that all of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction were loaded on civilian planes and flown in coach to Syria ahead of the US invasion. This is based entirely on the word of one man, a General Sada, who is allegedly a former Iraqi officer, and he doesn't even claim that he saw it himself -- he was only told about it by others, who remain anonymous.

Presumably those anonymous sources were told about it by their friends, who were told about it by their friends, and so on and so on and so on in a prototypical textbook-case urban legend viral spiral.

Never mind the fact that no one else -- no one at all -- has come forward to validate these reckless claims.

Never mind the fact that David Kay and the Iraq Survey Group found no evidence of WMDs.

Never mind the fact that any nation, including Iraq, the US, Canada, or even fucking Andorra, when faced with an imminent invasion by a much larger force, would never voluntarily relieve itself of its only means of defense -- if Iraq had any WMDs, it would have kept them and used them on the invaders. To refuse to do everything you can possibly do to repel foreign invaders and maintain your national sovereignity would not only be totally unrealistic, it would be far out in the goofy-eyed realm of surreal insanity.

To claim that Saddam wouldn't use the weapons if he had them, to claim that David Kay and the Iraq Survey Group are lying, to expect that our military couldn't have known about and couldn't have stopped this mythical weapons escape, beggars belief to the point where anyone who actually buys into this string of fantasies has to be dissociatively delusional to the point of needing professional help.

And why these jackass morons even want to flog that unbelievably preposterous story is beyond me.
If it's false -- which it most assuredly is -- then it makes them look even more like the fatuous, naive and gullible dickheads they are.
And if it's true, then it makes their pint-sized Dick-tater Baby Doc, his neocon meat puppeteers, and their inept bootlicking neocon minions look even more ineffectual, inept and incompetent than they already appear to be.

But I guess that doesn't matter to my new blog-buddy and others of his ilk. Facts are perpetual strangers to them. They'll clutch at any straw in the wind and hang onto it for dear life if it has the just slightest hint of a clue about an anecdote that mentions a tale that could possibly be related to a story that will support their misguided belief -- their misplaced faith -- in the worst president the US has ever had.

They are like children of alcoholics -- which in an oddly unhealthy symbolic way they are -- who are in such denial about Daddy's "problem" that reality is a distant planet. They will do anything, say anything, think anything, tell any lie, believe any lie, just to please Daddy so Daddy will protect them from the monsters. They can't see that Daddy is the monster.

It's sad, really, that people like Chickenshit Charlie can't just grow the fuck up, already:
Bush is not your daddy.
Bush does not care about you.
The Repug party does not care about you.
God will not provide for you -- if he existed, he would be appalled at what his "true believers" like you are calling on him to do.

But I know I'm just pissing into the wind. As I've said before in response to Chickenshit Charlie, there is absolutely nothing that Baby Doc could possibly do, to the world, to this nation or to him personally, that he wouldn't be able to justify in his own weak mind, all the while chanting his neocon mantra: Support the president, support the president, support the president -- if the president does it, that means it's not illegal.

But I'll bet $10,000 in cold hard cash that Chickenshit Charlie and his Koolaid-sucking pals never once said anything remotely like that about Bill Clinton.

Did you, Charlie? [silence, chirping crickets] Yeah, that's what I thought.

Hypocritical asshole.


rightwingnut said...

Tell us how you really feel. Common don't hold back...

merlallen said...

As an ex-squid, i don't like seeing my service used as a bad name. But, i'm always willing to cut some slack for the jarheads.

Farnsworth said...

Sorry, gus. I didn't like doing it either, but some times you have to break a few eggs to make an omelette.
It's all "firing for effect".

maheanuu said...

Looking at "Butt Boy's" lead ins, remind me a lot of Jeff Gannon's wurk. This guy has been drinking the Kool-Aide from birth apparently. What a doofus piece of fecal matter this stalwart defender of repiglican morals is. Hang in there farnsworth, this old chief has nothing but respect for all of the marines. You people have earned the respect of any and all career military personell. Semper Fi, my brother... And if they be repigs, phuque em all, They don't deserve any pity, or mercy... They have brought this all on themselves by being the liars, thieves, cheats, deserters, and cowards that they are today...