Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Abramoff Plea

So the lying greedy fucker pleads guilty. Big deal. A few lower-level politicos will be burnt as sacrifices, but part of the deal was that the little fish would get fried in exchange for the big fish getting away.

Abramoff does a little prison time at some country-club digs like Lompoc, where he can work on his golf game and make new contacts, the minor players will do some community service, and the rest of the stalwart members of congress can make a big deal of giving back to Abramoff some of those nasty dirty bribes contributions -- a false, empty & counterproductive gesture, I must say, since it will only serve to let the fucker to pay off his attorney fees with someone else's money.

In the meantime things will roll along as normal in neo-fascist Amerikka, and the weak sheep who vote Repugnican will make lame-assed excused for their boy or girl in congress: "Oh, s/he's not like that, wouldn't take bribes, didn't know, etc etc etc. ad naseum)

I guess I'm just too cynical to believe anything that comes out of that cesspool of sleaze known as the Repugnican congress (and yes, I know that some Dems are "innocent victims" of the Abramoff largess Update 1-9-6: Turns out that the Dems took tribe money, but NO Abramoff money), and let's keep it real: It's been a Repug operation since 1994, and they are the ones who have fostered the culture of corruption that is now rampant in those hallowed halls.

Nothing new under the sun? Rightly said (Ecclesiastes 1:9-14).

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Elizabeth Green said...

So, it has been 30 years since Watergate, and nothing really changes, does it?