Thursday, January 19, 2006

Violating Two Rules

I love the way freeper troll assholes can hide behind the anonymity of a blog post. I've got my own freeper fan now. Check out his moronic musings in response to this week's Bush Twins in Uniform Watch.

He signs his posts "impeachchimpy", but it's unlikely that reflects his true colors. I've told him "fuck you" a couple of times now, but he still won't answer the question: If this "war on terror" is so goddamned important, then why aren't the offspring of the class that benefits the most from it doing any of the fighting?

He can't answer the question. Instead he bullshits his way through some puffed-up bona fides about his West Texas (yeah, go figure) family tree and history of service, tosses a couple of ad hominem grenades in my direction, tries to insult my military service, yada yada yada.

I've told him to identify himself if he wants any further dialog with me. He could be Dick Cheney's pet turd for all I know. Chances are he'll stay in hiding and won't show himself.

Anyway, in my dealings with this prick I've already violated two of my basic rules:
1. I don't respond to anonymous assholes, and
2. I refuse to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed man.


Elizabeth Green said...

I may be out of turn here, and I appreciate your point. However, I have been having so much fun reading your comments to him. You are right, though. I am with you on this whole war thing. If it's so great, why isn't the upper class fighting? That's what they did in WWI. They thought it was an honor.

JBlue said...

Honor among the Shrubs. Ha! As if.

Anonymous said...

If his reason for joining was that dad did it then... she supports your point of view and bushets should sign up just like it did.

Farnsworth said...

It has been fun, hasn't it?
Too bad he's faded into the woodwork. I could have had a lot more fun with him, but I guess that he's like most freepers -- they can't stand the light of day. Turn that rock over and they scuttle into the shadows.