Monday, January 16, 2006

Weekly "Bush Twins in Uniform" Watch

Weekly "Bush Twins in Uniform" Watch

It has now been 608 days since Jenna and Not-Jenna Bush, the slacker offspring of Preznit Numnutz, graduated from college and they are still not in the uniform of the US armed services.

Why? Because they have other priorities. They are too busy partying down in Georgetown to show their support for the war by enlisting their chickenhawk-child selves into the military service, that's why.

Be sure to sign the Buzzflash petition and demand that the Bush offspring enlist, or else bring the troops home. If it's not a cause noble enough for any of the children of the Bush Dynasty to join, then it's not noble enough for our sons and daughters to die for.

And check out The Yellow Elephant blog, which asks the question "It's their war; why aren't they fighting it?"


ImpeachChimpy Now said...

Why don't we draft the Bush twins... hmmmm...

Maybe because we have a volunteer army, and it took us decades to get over the disaster that was the draft-based army? Maybe because we don't force adults into military service beause of the views of their parents? Maybe because the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines over there volunteered to join the service as professionals and it was their choice, not based on the politics of their father? Maybe because that's not the way we do things here in America? Maybe because we don't make children of murderers pay restitution to the victims? Maybe because we don't make children pay the debts of their deadbeat parents?

As a veteran who hates the Chimp, I can tell you this is still a stoopid post.

So I guess that pResident Chimpy McBushitler can't support abortion until he makes his girls have one first? Reporting for duty!

Farnsworth said...

Fuck you, Chimpy, you trolling freeper. If you can't see the difference between the symbolic effect that having the Bush Twins in uniform would have on the rest of the nation -- especially now that enlistments are down -- and an abortion, then you are either the stupidest liberal I've ever run across or you are a flaming neocon freeping asshole. Either way, fuck you.
And BTW, try reading my original post back in June 2005, and my weekly posts ever since and tell me exactly WHERE I said that the Bush Twins should be drafted?
It is so like you people to erect a straw man and then knock him down.
Why don't you respond to the question on the table, and that is this: If it is such a noble cause and a justified war, then why aren't ANY of the Bush offspring fighting in it?

ImpeachChimpy Now said...

Wow, you are one pissed off veteran, aren't you? And humorless, too. But never mind. I doubt it would have any "symbolic" value, and would be nothing but a distraction to the units and soldiers that had to "babysit" them. In addition, there would still be questions about how they get "special treatment", as they certainly would...

As a veteran, I'd expect that you of all people would understand that it takes more than a college degree to make an officer. If they aren't seeking out military service, it's a moot point and the only way to get them in would be a draft. This is a stupid argument, and it makes us all look like assholes.

Yep, it's a stupid argument. Basically you are saying that Bush should force his daughters to enlist to show that he believes and supports his ideals. Do you understand how goddamn insane that is? WTF? It cheapens the whole concept of the volunteer army. I signed up for my own personal reasons, not to vindicate my dad or bolster his arguments. What kind of asshole loser would join just to make their dad look good?

Yeah, I'm going to spend four years in Green just to make my dad look like a hero. Better yet, I'm going to ship my daughter and son off to war wheteher they want to go or not, and commit them to a four year hitch just so that nobody can call me a hypocrite.

It's just plain stupid to expect *anybody* to enlist to satisfy the ranting of raving lunatics like you. And Jenna and Barbara? Yeah, they look like real hard chargers that would fit right into a professional army. Why not demand that Paris and Nicky join too, you ignorant fuck?

You really think that there is even one goddamn soldier in the whole Army that wants a celebrity in their squad/platoon/company that is not going to be able to pull their own weight and hump their own shit and doesn't want to be there in the first place? Or do you even give a shit about the Army?

If it is a solid argument, why isn't Rep. Murtha, a decorated Marine, Sen. John Kerry, a decorated Sailor or Sen. Bob Kerrey, a decorated SEAL putting that argument forward? Because it's a *stupid* argument.

That's the difference - you were the generation of FTA and you pander the the kids who think that FTA is cool as well; you probably got drafted and didn't want to be there and so you probably never gave a shit about the Army or the people in it.

I joined because it was the right thing to do. I'm a farm boy from West Texas, my dad served in the Korean War and Viet Nam, both my grandfathers and eight uncles served in WWII. We also had a shitload of family serve in WWI, and we trace our family in West Texas back to a Cavalry Officer who was sent to Ft. Bliss from Ft. Knox pre-civil war. Not one of us are West Pointers, and only three officers, one OCS and two battlefield commissions during WWII.

Hey, but thanks for "supporting the troops".

A flaming neocon asshole, what a joke - I guess it *is* easy to make ad hominem arguments and build straw men, isn't it? Anybody that doesn't agree with you is a "freeper", what ever the fuck that means.

But hey, you had me at "Fuck you, Chimpy".

Farnsworth said...

Let me repeat myself: Fuck you, Chimpy.
I don't give a rat's ass what your bona fides are or what you think about me.
So what about all those other presidential offspring who didn't have to be "babysat" or given "special treatment"? What about the sons of Theodore Roosevelt, one of whom was killed in action in WWI and another of which was the ONLY general officer on the beach on D-Day, and who won the Medal of Honor? Did those guys get that special treatment? You are a fucking moron.
People like you are unable or unwilling to answer one simple question about this fucking war and the necessity for the children of the poor and the disenfranchised to be fighting it at the exclusion of all others.
You keep harping on a draft. I never said once that we should have a draft. What I asked was -- and you can't answer it -- this: If this is such a noble cause, this "war on terror", then why aren't the children of the class of Americans who will get the most out of it fighting in it?
Why aren't they, Chimpy? Just answer that fucking question.
And you are fucking-a correct that I am pissed off. And this is the last I'm going to respond to you unless you answer that question.
And identify yourself -- you could be Dick Cheney's pet turd for all I know.
So, like I say, fuck you, Chimpy, you trolling freeper asshole moron.

Anonymous said...

Farnsworth is breaking his own dueling rules...

I would be like to know what peachchi thinks is a good reason to join the US military?

From what I can tell it is becuase dad did it so I should do it.


Farnsworth stop fighting an unarmed man! Is it his IQ is 61 or his age is 16? I don't belive he was in the military or is even old enough to join.

Thanks for the laughs!

merlallen said...

His father served in Nam, Falafel's nephew is in Iraq.
You can't question either one of these people.
A west texas farmboy is known as a shit kicker for a reason.