Sunday, February 05, 2006

Going Dark Until After the Game

It being Super Bowl Sunday and my hometown team is there to kick some Steeler ass, I'm going dark until sometime Monday.

It's too bad, too, because the last day and half have produced some high-stinking stories -- like the Bush Crime Family floating the trial balloon that Baby Doc Corleone has the authority to kill people right here on US soil without arrest, trial and conviction.

Did you ever notice that they'll push out bad news, or shit like this, when a lot fewer people are paying attention? Not that I'm cynical or anything...


JBlue said...

Academically speaking, they say! I wonder if they spoke academically about wiretapping before they commenced to spying? About torture? If they're thinking it, god knows what they'll DO.

Creepier and creepier.

Love that "crime family" thing. Wish I had thought of that. Love the evolution of Shrub's name: Baby Doc Corleone. Funny.

Elizabeth Green said...

If they are thinking it, they are doing it. But, my grandma used to say that what goes over the devil's back comes around under his belly, so the Bush Crime Family will have its day.

D. said...

Wow. An actual competetive Super Bowl? Did I just see that?
Not bad, though. Not bad.
And being as all my folks are the Pgh are, and me having gone to High school there, I guess in good spirit, I must say, O Native of Seattle -
Well I guess they Gotcha this time, ha!
Good game, and hope you had a good time, Farnsworth.

Farnsworth said...

There's always next year. A lot of teams in history didn't win their first time out.
But the joke out here in the NW is that the Steelers' had their 12th man on the field -- the officials!

One Angry Patriot said...

The Steelers were bound to win. They were playing in the city of my birth, and had two Motown native sons (Jerome Bettis on offense and Larry Foote on defense) in the game. It's only fitting that Bettis should win his first, last and only Superbowl in his hometown. Enjoy your retirement homeboy!