Friday, February 24, 2006

Breaking News! Ann "Thrax" Coulter NAKED!!!

The Democratic Daily has exclusive photos of Ann "Thrax" Coulter running amok while naked at a Republican Party fundraiser, and they are HOT!

Check them out and try not to drool all over yourself when you see them.

And speaking of Thrax, you can also catch her in Fear it in the Night, a parody of Springsteen's Spirit in the Night, over at The Radical Veteran website.

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Ginny in CO said...


Thanks for the link to the Dem Daily. Ron sent us here as an add on to a post about pissed off vets- for whom we have great respect and support.

Off thread, but regarding the twins going to Iraq.
I've hunted but never been in the military let alone a war. My concern is for the other troops who are supposed to feel that J and NJ have their backs.

My suggestion after reading about the EPA findings of toxic waste in NOLA, is to send the twins and Laura down there to raise awareness and support for the cleanup. HAZMAT suits are
at least as uncomfortable and unattractive as armor and dessert camo. Mucking around in toxic waste can be just as harmful to your reproduction as bullets, not to mention your health.

As a boomer and an RN for 'most 30 years - a lot of experience with the VN Vets, I have to say; Thanks, Dude