Thursday, February 23, 2006

Now Tom Delay is Saying "Hey, I Hardly Know the Guy"

When it starts to fall apart, it goes fast. Even Tom Delay is distancing himself from Baby Doc over the sale of the six major US ports to Al Qaeda the Dubai Darlings of the BFEE.

Bush is "making a big mistake" on the sale, Delay told the Dallas Morning News yesterday. Ouch!

Read the full story and then tell me that you think Baby Doc is NOT in trouble.


drainbamage said...

could this be a bait and switch tactic? I am wondering what they are really covering up! What news items are we not seeing anymore?
1) Rove
2) Liby
3) Cheney letting liby leak
4) I guess I could go on forever...

Just keep us distracted and unfocused.

In case you have not heard Cheney's got a Gun you can get it free from this Seattle radio show... (KZOK)
Its a hOOt!
get the video too!

drainbamage said...