Sunday, February 12, 2006

Just When You Think You've Heard it All

Yeah, never think that. That's the sure way to bring some gutshot shocker to your attention. Sure enough, this just in from Main and Central, in turn quoting noted patriot and prince of darkness Robert "Traitor" Novak:

The Bush administration is going directly to the public with its war message. Raul Damas, associate director of political affairs at the White House, has been on the phone directly to Republican county chairmen to arrange local speeches by active duty military personnel to talk about their experiences in Iraq.
Never mind the fact that this flies directly in the face of a Pentagon directive, issued by Paul "Combsucker" Wolfowitz himself, that says a member of the military service MAY NOT "use his or her official authority or influence for interfering with an election; affecting the course or outcome of an election; soliciting votes for a particular candidate or issue; or requiring or soliciting political contributions from others."

Ah, the but the course of Empire never runs smoothly, and the HMFICs in the Baby Doc Maladminstration never miss an opportunity to pound the propaganda, do they?

1 Comment:

drainbamage said...

Maybe Novaks implant is failing... He leaked the story which sounds like more treason to me. Active duty military would be getting paid while speaking to such a group...

One more charge for impeachment!

Although I must admit he is a great snorkeler of shurby