Friday, February 17, 2006

Friday Cat Blogging


Elizabeth Green said...

My, what big eyes they have. They're gorgeous & ready for the weekend.

I am going to have to start a dog blog day.

D. said...

I still think they might be gay.
I mean - just look at the way they're sitting, and all!

Keep writing, pal. It's good.
And stay pissed off.
Who isn't is blind.

JBlue said...

What are their names?

Granny said...

Julian is thirsty for knowedge. She asked me the same question only this morning. What are their names btw?

Beautiful kitties.

Farnsworth said...

Okay, giving in to popular demand: The one in front, the all-black one, is Lucy. The other one, the tuxedo cat, is Dotty.
As you can probably see, they are our pride and joy.

Elizabeth Green said...

They are gorgeous. I wanted to ask their names, too, but I didn't know if you were trying to keep them anonymous or not.