Thursday, February 09, 2006

A Thousand Bucks? Get Real

My well-meaning fellow liberals over at are ponying up a reward of $1000 for any reporter who will ask The Chimperor this simple question:

"How can you claim you were trying to avoid war through the UN, when you told Prime Minister Blair on Jan. 31, 2003, that if you failed to get a resolution from the UN authorizing war, 'military action would follow anyway'?"

A thousand bucks? White House reporters make more than that just taking a crap. Sorry, Dems, but it is gonna take a lot more than that to get one of the pet dogs from the press pool to ask any hard questions of that lying, smirking Texas blowhard.

Try a million bucks. Cash on the barrelhead. Then you might get some takers. The thing is, the reporter who starts asking the hard questions -- and god forbid expecting answers -- will get unceremoniously shoved to the back of the bus, and his/her career will go into permanent eclipse. Look at what happened to Helen Thomas. You've got to make it worthwhile to the poor sap, and a lousy grand isn't doing it.