Wednesday, February 08, 2006

James Webb Running as a Democrat? Yikes, it IS a Landslide

James Webb, former Secretary of the Navy under Ronald Reagan, Vietnam veteran and novelist, and former lifelong Republican, has announced he will seek the nomination of the Democratic party in Virginia to run against George Allen for the US Senate.

He'll have to get through the primary first, though. He's up against a former lobbyist named Harris Miller, who says "I can make a difference by focusing on the future instead of getting caught up in cheap partisan politics". Harris needs to get a grip. Democrats aren't going to win an election to dogcatcher with that kind of attitude; Repugs need a swift kick to the nuts, and Miller won't be the one to give it them if he persists in that kind of namby-pamby milktoast pablum-puking crap. Miller's mouthpiece, Brian Cook, also talked about "how Washington is broken", trying to make the case for "why Harris Miller is the best person to fix it" -- that's the kind of humor we usually see on the Repug side: Miller is a fucking lobbyist, and he's going to be the one fix it?

I say welcome, James Webb, yet another veteran who is pissed off this administration.

Webb's conversion doesn't really come as a suprise to me. Just a few weeks ago I highlighted Webb's scathing NY Times Op-Ed piece attack on the Baby Doc Maladministration's criminal mistreatment of both its military personnel and its veterans.

Here's hoping that this is a trend, that more responsible Republicans will realize what the neocons in this administration have done to their party and to their country.

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Info_Tech_Guy said...

Check out, and to see the latest news on the Webb v. Miller race. These are all pro-Webb sites. Miller is a bigtime outsourcing lobbyist. I published a letter from the AFL-CIO, DPE denouncing him. The Wash Post wrote a minor story about it but people on the West Coast should be following this race. Miller has devastated American IT workers in California. I'm an IT guy too...