Thursday, February 23, 2006

"Humanizing" Homosexuals? That's Crazy Talk!

I don't listen to Bill "Falafel" O'Reilly, so I have to rely on Stephanie Miller for my periodic dose of Billshit.

Today she played a clip that was classic Bill -- and not only that, but classic wingnut as well:

"The problem with movies like Brokeback Mountain is that they humanize homosexuals, okay?" Bill said, without a trace of irony OR a German accent.

"Humanize" homosexuals?

Well, we can't have that crap. Humanizing homos? Where will it end? Next thing you know they'll want their freedom. They'll want to drink out of the same drinking fountains. They won't ride at the back of the bus. They'll want to vote and own property. They'll want -- gasp -- equal rights! And when they start marrying each other, all of our "real" marriages will be in dire jeopardy!

It'll be nothing short of the end of civilization as we know it!

It's a damn good thing The Billshitter is there for us, protecting god's empire here on earth by stiffening up the bone in the moral spine of our nation. Yep, the White Knight of Christian Morality is right there on top of things. On top of things like the intended recipient of his legend-in-his-own-mind sexual prowess as the spittle-dribbling leg-humping Human Loofah. On top of, that is, his former producer/turncoat lawsuit-filing Andrea Mackris...

Maybe someone ought to be talking about humanizing Bill O'Reilly. But that's a lost cause.


Granny said...

I missed this. thanks. Of course I don't watch him either. Maybe Media Matters will pick it up. They seem to catch everything.

I'll check the link when the kids settle down.

drainbamage said...


seriously maybe he is worried the marriage statistics will improve?