Friday, February 10, 2006

The Offending Cartoons -- A Smoke Screen

Brian over at One Veteran's Voice has copies of the cartoons, so I've finally seen them. To my jaded and irreligious Western eyes, they are at worst mildly offensive and some are actually funny.

The biggest offender from what I can tell from all the uproar, the one that allegedly shows The Prophet Mohammed with a bomb in his turban ... well, when you have a religion that forbids portraits of the man through fear of idolatry, how does anyone know what he looks like anyway?

But my point is that these cartoons are not new. They've been out there in the world at large for five months. So why now, of all times, have they suddenlybecome this huge international issue, prompting rioting in the streets, the storming of embassies and the torching of sovereign flags?

Well, could it just possibly be that the BFEE, using its on-the-ground and in-your-pocket partners in the Arab Street (i.e, Saudi Arabia), has decided to stir up Islamic unrest world wide, payback some old "debts" to Denmark and Norway (god knows what they are), and get the media's focus off that whole committing crimes and violating the Constitution thing? Naaa, ya think?

You have to admit, though, that those smoldering Danish and Norwegian flags have created a very handy smoke screen for the BFEE to hide behind, while at the same time they give the media a rare gift, an actual burning FIRE to cover. Remember the old newsroom saw, "It it bleeds, it leads". A riotous anarchic mob torching the flag of a soverign nation and burning its embassy to the ground is the next best thing to the splatter of actual blood.

It makes me wonder what else the bastards have up their sleeves. The closer we get to the election, the more frightened they will try to make us become. They have to. It's the only thing they've got going for themselves.


mel said...

I couldn't agree more. It's been a hard week for the Bushies. They can't spin fast enough. The levees they use to hold back the truth are full of leaks and they don't seem to have enough fingers to plug them with. (Hey Georgie, I gotcha a finger right here!) They have to keep fanning the flames on this cartoon story because nobody bought any of the other BS distractions they trotted out this week.
They want us to focus on the images of those crazed, out-of-control, blood-thristy Muslims over there, so we aren't watching the actual crazed, out-of-control, blood-thirsty bastards that have a stranglehold on our government over here.
And it works for them. They ARE the masters of propaganda. Now there's 400+ hours of Olympic coverage coming up and whatever other shit the monkey can throw through the bars at us.

drainbamage said...

Considering the Muslim response, I guess they support the US in Iraq. They sure haven't protested like that through the entire war!

Kind of spookie too, how upset people can get over something they have never seen. Ok it's GODAMN insane spooky!

There do seem to be a lot of lame stories in the headlines right now.