Tuesday, February 28, 2006

"Intelligent Design" on the Decline?

When even a hyper-religious super-conservative state like the Mormon theocracy of Utah can't pass a bill discounting Darwin, isn't it really just about time for the anti-evolutionists to roll up their tents and fade away into the desert?

Despite some spirited debate in the Utah legislature, the measure just couldn't get traction: "There are a number of influential legislators who believe you evolved from an ape," Senator Chris Buttars (R-South Park) said following the vote. "I didn't."

Okay, Buttars, never mind the fact that neither Darwin's theory nor anyone else except the woefully uninformed and the intentionally stupid ever claimed that man descended from an ape or a monkey or anything of the sort. What the Theory of Evolution states -- in a very small part of the elegant whole -- is that both man and ape descended from a common ancestor. Everyone knows this, and to say that it says otherwise is both dishonest and disingenuous.

The anti-evolutionist bible-bangers can puff and posture all they want, but they can't explain away one simple and incontrovertible fact: Humans and chimpanzees share upwards of 98% of their DNA. Why would this happen if they didn't evolve -- and recently, in evolutionary terms -- from a common ancestor?

And when will the knuckledraggers finally get it through their thick simian-like skulls that there is nothing incompatible between evolution and religion. If you believe that way, then you can see that religion tells what god did, and evolution describes how he did it. Even a non-believer like me can grasp the fundamental concept behind that.

But then who am I to give lessons in theology. I really don't give a rat's ass what the fundo Xians believe, just so long as they obey Christ's dictum that they go into their closets and pray in secret (Matthew 6:1-8).

But there you go; that's another one of those hundreds of inconvenient Bible verses that today's self-described "Bible-believin' Christians" ignore, while at the same time the same hypocritical assholes are beating the tubs for the "literal" truth of the Bible and the stoning of homosexuals.

Give me a fucking break -- Jesus, save me from your followers.

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