Thursday, February 02, 2006

State of the Union? For Veterans, it's Fucked Up Part Two

I confess I did not watch the speech. I have personal reasons for not watching Baby Doc on television for even five seconds, let alone over an hour.

When I was a small child growing up in rural NE Oklahoma, someone who lived near us shot his television with a shotgun when Eisenhower gave a televised speech. (Oh, how Oklahoma has changed in the last fifty years...) I have a fairly new 61" HDTV projection television, and I really want to watch my Seahawks stomp some Steeler ass on Sunday, so it's best that I don't expose myself to temptation.

But I digress.

The number of times Baby Doc even mentioned veterans: 0

As in zero. As in none. As in zilch. As in the little fucker didn't mention veterans at fucking all during that sorry public display.

Moreover, the drill when everyone who is anyone is gathered together at one place in DC is to designate a cabinet official as the go-to guy in the extremely unlikely event that everyone gets snuffed by a terrorist attack, nuclear attack, anthrax bomb, etc etc etc. This is always some bottom-rung cabinet member who is out of favor with the HMFIC.

Guess who that was. Guess who was the only cabinet member was who wasn't even fucking there for the speech.

Give up? It was James Nicholson, the Secretary of Veterans Administration.

It just goes to show you how little regard this maladministration has for America's veterans.