Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Vichy Democrats

I hadn't heard the term until I read Digby's post the other day, Democrat Libre, but it sure resonates with those of us old enough to remember WWII (okay, I don't really remember it, since I was born at the tail end of it), or at least old enough to remember when they still taught "secular" history in the schools.

For the rest of you, Vichy was the seat of government for collaborationist France after the Nazis invaded. After the war, the word became a synonym, along with Quisling, for traitor.

As strongly as I believe that Democrats have to stick together, and that we should adopt the Demo version of Reagan's so-called 11th Commandment ("Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican" -- a commandment broken of course by Baby Doc when he savaged McCain in the 2000 election primaries), still there comes a time when turncoat Democrats such as Baby-Doc-Apologist Joe Biden and Baby-Doc-Kisser Joementum Lieberman need to be dealt a little discipline. A lot of discipline. As does any Democrat who thinks he can make a deal with the Repugs, who thinks using their talking points will gain him traction, or who believes oh, maybe they aren't that bad. Wrong. They are that bad.

It just won't work to try to be bipartisan and reach out to the Repug thugs. They don't want cooperation from the Dems -- they want the total annhiliation of the whole left wing.

We've compromised enough with these assholes. This time it's total war, war without mercy.

"If he comes after you with a knife, you go after him with a gun; if he puts one of your guys in the hospital, you put of his in the morgue."

-- Sean Connery to Kevin Costner in The Untouchables

I'll let Digby finish it:
The grassroots believe that after all that, after moving to the right, after offering to compromise, after allowing our "red state Democrats" to run with the other side who then treated them with nothing but bad faith, now is the time for politicans to make a choice. Submit to them or stand with the resistence.

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Granny said...

You're right, I've been ranting (at least for me it's a rant) about it for a while now. I hadn't thought of the Vichy and Quisling comparisons though.

You were born at the end of the war; I was born right before the beginning, at least as far as the USA was concerned.