Friday, February 10, 2006

Republicans to Veterans: Fuck You #1288

Pretty soon we're going to need a Cray Supercomputer to tally up all of the ways the Senate Repugs continue to screw veterans over.

This time it involves two Senate bills, both of which would roll back just a tiny amount of the scheduled tax breaks for the rich plutocrats -- the scheduled tax breaks that are coming next year; the fat-cat ratfuck greedy-assed motherfuckers wouldn't lose even a fucking nickel out of those already stuffed-to-overflowing silk-lined pockets. The money saved by removing these recklessly unwarranted tax breaks would be earmarked to take care of the multiple needs -- mainly health care -- of veterans coming back from Iraq, and to provide much-needed equipment for the troops still on the ground in the Middle East.

Got that? Health care and military equipment. It's not like the money's going to be wasted in a profligate spending spree, squandering it foolishly on feeding the hungry, clothing the needy, housing the homeless or educating the children.

By an almost strictly party-line vote both bills were defeated. God forbid the Repugnican bastards should actually have to do anything to support our troops in the field and our veterans returning with real and serious problems. Support our troops? Yeah, uh-huh.

And once again the moon-pie glassy-eyed Baby-Doc-sucking religio-fascist zombie cultists like Chickenshit Charlie will blindly follow their Misleader and spit in the faces of our veterans and our soldiers.

Jesus, it is no fucking wonder that military recruiting is way down, and reenlistments are plummeting. The more this kind of shit keeps seeping out of the Repug Congress and the Bush Crime Family White House, the less attractive the military will seem, even for those who have few other options in this below-minimum-wage Walmart economy.

BTW, it is also no wonder nearly all of the veterans who are running for Congress this year are running as Democrats.

See Bob Geiger's Blog for more details -- and his inimitably biting commentary -- on this stinking pile of Repugnican pig shit.


fbg46 said...

If you want to know just how corrupted the Five - Sided Building has gotten, see today's NYT lead editorial. Even they get it.

The Army and USMC are coming unglued, both in terms of personnel and equipment, and all Dear Leader and his corporate masters at Lockheed, et. al., can think about is buying new toys and making sure that Paris Hilton's estate won't be taxed.

The not - so - amazing part is how the 0-6s and up go along with this insanity. Back In The Day, it seemed like the break point in the officer corps was going from Cpt to Maj -- it was at that point (at least in the Army) that you stopped looking sideways and down -- at the soldiers you lived with, and started looking only up -- at the next rung in the ladder.

The more things change . . .

JBlue said...


Listen up, kids, two things you never want to do in this country: join the military (ask Kerry, Murtha, and any veteran of any war) or work for the CIA (ask Valerie Plame). Fuck that.

drainbamage said...

Actually they do not need to increase the Military Budget. Last time I checked the % spent on Troops and equipment was less than 50%. (I seem to recall it was close to 30% but could be wrong) The rest goes for spying and super computers and who knows what.

So cut out the GODMAN Super Computer (can you say line Dell's pocket?) and spend the money on the medical and retirement program for the military!

durrati said...

I heard Sen. Chris Dodd speak to this issue on Imus this morning. One Repub Senator voted for the bill. One. As a pissed off vet myself what I want to know is why so many in the military support the chimp-in-chief as he's pissing down their leg?

Russell said... Anybody know if this is correct ?

Farnsworth said...

Here's a better link to the bill, in .pdf format.
But yes, that's the bill proposing the Constitutional amendment repealing the 22nd Amendment.
That's the one restricting an individual from being elected president more than twice.
Just what we fucking need -- Baby Doc around for a third (fourth, fifth?) term.
But as I said in a previous post on this very topic, it's frighteningly possible that repealing the 22nd Amendment won't be necessary to make this particular nightmare come true.