Monday, February 06, 2006

Torquemada G. -- No Perjury Here

Torquemada G -- that'll be Alberto "Top Cop" Gonzales' rapper name when he's performing in Cell Block D at Lompoc.

Except that it won't, because those News McNuggets we've been seeing all over the television of Torquemada chatting away with members of the Senate, no matter how many times he lies, dissembles, dissumulates, covers up or conceals the truth, etc etc, whatever you want to call it, he will not be charged with perjury.

Perjury requires someone to take a oath, to be sworn in, to affirm, etc., that what he/she is saying is the truth.

Torquemada, in what must be a Bush Crime Family prerequisite for talking to Congress, refused to be sworn in. So that makes me wonder why the fuck not?

The answer ought to be obvious, just as it was when Baby Doc and his Uncle Dick had that tandem meat-puppet performance before the 9-11 Commission. He wouldn't show up with out The Dick, and neither would talk if they'd been sworn in. Just as it was when Kindasleezy testified before chatted with the 9-11 Commission. Just as it was when the oil barons gave their dog-and-pony show before that Senate committee, the one where my senator Maria Cantwell (in a rarely-seen fine moment) tried to demand from committee chairman Ted Stevens (R-Asshole) that the oily bastards be sworn before testifying, and for her trouble was slapped down by Stevens.

So what is the fucking point, then, of going through this charade of having these assholes come before Congress? They don't have to tell the truth, and if they are not sworn in, they have no repercussions from lying their fucking heads off.

I guess these are like the old Soviet "Show Trials" back in the 1930s -- facts don't matter, it's all for show. Biggest difference is that all those guys were "guilty" before the trials started. Here they're all truly guilty, but we will never get them to a trial.


BOHICA said...

Meet your new Inquisitor-General

Feel free to use this in any future Gonzales posts, its my work.

nunya said...

Thanks for making me laugh. Looks like we were interested in the same things today, although I didn't know it before I posted.