Saturday, February 25, 2006

Even Wm. F. Buckley??? Goodnight, Georgie

When even the chief intellectual at the top of the conservative heap comes out against you, you're pretty much toast. Say goodnight, Baby Doc, slip into your Doctor Dentons and toddle yourself off to bed. You're done.

Buckley, for all that I disagree with him on -- and that's pretty much everything -- has always held my interest for his language stylings and his intellect. In a column in his National Review, Buckley comes flat out and says of our Iraq non-policy, "it didn't work", and calls for an "acknowledgment of defeat".

Way to go, Bill!

Still, given Buckley's credentials as a true conservative, you have to wonder what else about the evil and corrupt neocon BFEE he holds in contempt. My guess is that secretly, in his heart of hearts, most of it. As I've said before, there is nothing truly conservative about the corrupt and opportunistic Mayberry Machiavellis who have clawed their way to power over the shreds of our constitution and our civil rights, not to mention the bodies of 2288 dead American service members.

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Granny said...

It wasn't just Buckley either although his words carry the most weight.