Sunday, February 05, 2006

Another $120 Billion? Georgie, We Need to Talk About Your Allowance

It was inevitable that he would make demands for more. Like every other whiny eight-year-old entitlement-riding tantrum-throwing spoiled brat spendthrift, Baby Doc is greedily demanding more and more cash for the toys he wants, but he isn't willing to scrape the sidewalk, wash the car, do the dishes or even clean up his own room.

When is somebody gonna tell the little fucker that enough is enough? Another $120 billion to prosecute the War on Terratm? Okay, even those among you who agree that this war is justified, is the right thing to do, is necessary to stop Iraqi international terrorist agression, blah blah blah, have got to be choking on this figure, since it now puts the cost of the war right at the half-trillion dollar level. Especially in light of the fact that the Little Dick-tater is still demanding that his tax cuts on the rich be made permanent. So just where the fuck does he think the money is going to come from?

Georgie, if you want to go to the movies, you need to come up with the cash yourself. Get a job, for chrissake. Mow some lawns, recycle bottles, shovel the shit out of the stable, sell greeting cards, do odd jobs, get a paper route, what-the-fuck-ever. You can't just keep borrowing money from us as an advance on your allowance. We just can't afford it. What if everyone borrowed money from us? Do you think money grows on trees? Do you think we're made of money? Do you want to drive us into the poorhouse? And so on, with all those other money clichés the rest of us grew up with.

Don't you think maybe if Papa Doc and the Wicked Witch of the Southwest had just taken the time to have this little chat with Baby Doc, he might have learned those lessons in fiscal responsibility that true conservatives learned a long time ago: You are not supposed to spend more money than you have, you are supposed to live within your means, and you need to put a little away for a rainy day. Jesus, Georgie, this isn't rocket surgery.

Does anybody remember the so-called Balanced Budget Amendment? As recently as 1997 it was an article of faith among Republicans. Now -- like the slavishly obedient 1930s Communist Party members who had to do so many mental contortions to follow the changing whims of Uncle Joe Stalin that the cognitive dissonance turned them into psychological, metaphysical and emotional pretzels -- they've had to completely turn themselves inside out, upside down and backside front, while still maintaining the mental fiction that they have always believed the way they do today.

Orwellian. That's the only word for it.


DrainBamage said...

I guess China does not have enough of our national debt?

We need to make sure communist countries own more of our debt so lets just hike it up!

How else will Corporate world be able to keep everybody in line? Make them all equally Goddamn BROKE!


Elizabeth Green said...

I couldn't believe it when I heard he asked for MORE $$. Does he have a clue that his approval rating is 39%? Damn that Reagan for breaking that zero year curse. We'd be rid of this ass by now.