Thursday, February 16, 2006

Above the Law? There Is No Law West of the Cheney

Even in Texas, hard as it is to believe, they have protocols for investigating shootings of human beings, accidental or otherwise. These shootings are investigated by local law enforcement authorities. It's the law.

Except where the perpetrator (aka "the perp") happens to be not only VP of the whole Noo-nited Staytzuh but also continuing political-backdoor double-dipping illegal-payola-sucking double-super-secret still-in-reality-if-not-in-name CEO of Halliburton, one Dick Cheney by name. Who is so far above the laws that we at the riff-raff level have to obey that he couldn't even be bothered to spend the lousy seven bucks for the required license to slaughter quail in a road-hunt. It's not like the contemptuous asshole couldn't afford it, you know. It just shows the arrogant disdain that these people hold for those of us down here at the bottom of things, who feel like we should obey the law, not flout it.

The headline should read "Chickenhawk hunts quail, bags turkey" (props to Frank Roberts, posting over on The Guardian, for this one).

Okay, though, jokes aside, there are questions upon questions inside of questions still unresolved in this whole sorry mess, and we won't get the answers. Not at all. Dickless "The Perp" Crashcart waited 14 hours to report the "crime" (had to do a little sobering up there, Dickie?) and then slunk out of town under cover of darkness without even giving so much as a canned statement to the local authorities. And when those authorities went out to this ironically-named "sports shooting" ranch, they were turned away.

Turned away? They have the responsiblity to investigate a shooting and they were turned away? What's up with that?

So it comes down to Harry Whittington being the key to this whole thing. What did Harry Whittington know, and when did he stop knowing it? Well, we won't find that out, either. He stopped knowing it the second those red-hot pellets entered his body, and he continued to stop knowing it in the hospital when he had that suspicious "heart attack".

Jesus, I'll need to make myself a tin-foil hat if I keep this up.