Thursday, February 02, 2006

Little Sammy's First Day at School

Stripsearch Sammy managed to foist himself off as a truly "independent thinker" when his very first foray into the rarefied heights of Judimicial Judgin' resulted in him coming out in opposition to three other Repug lackeys (Scalia, Thomas and Roberts).

The case was an inconsequential stay of execution motion (inconsequential, that is, for everyone except the guy on death row). The three hang-em-high guys were, naturally, ready to fry the poor fucker, but Sammy came in with the majority and agreed to a temporary stay.

This is all bullshit, of course, designed by the evil and cynical manipulators in the BFEE to throw off all of us who were such sharp critics of Stripsearch Sammy. And it is apparently working, since just today I heard several of my acquaintances breathe these kind of collective sighs of relief and say shit like, "Maybe he's not so bad after all. Maybe we were wrong."

Bullshit bullshit bullshit.

This whole sordid thing was designed -- at the expense of a man about to be put to death -- to elicit exactly that kind of reaction. And even those on the upper edge of sanity in the Moron-American voting bloc can be easily swayed by something like this. They will lose focus. They are easily distracted. They are, in fact, morons.

So when the shit really hits the fan and the fascist court starts steadily eating away, bit by bite by chomp, our freedoms, our liberties, everything that we thought up until now were our constitutionally-guaranteed rights, no one will be paying any attention.

And that's what the evil bastards in the Bush Crime Family are counting on.

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drainbamage said...

It will be months before he starts voting his mind. Thing is you can't impeach a Supreme court justice can you? Of course a president could throw one in jail without cause, without outside contact, with no legal recourse, for ever, to protect the US from terrorist threats.

Getgo to getmo!