Saturday, February 18, 2006

325,000? Why Stop There?

Reuters UK is reporting that the US government database of suspected terrorists has grown from fewer than 75,000 in 2003 so that it's now in excess of 325,000 individuals. An official from the NCTC -- speaking under conditions of anonymity, of course -- says that most of these people are "non-US persons who do not live in the US".

Most. Not all. So that means that the converse is also true, that "US persons who do live in the US" are also on this list. Makes you wonder who is on it. Like you, maybe? Like me? That shifty-looking Apu-wanna-be down at the Quickie Mart for sure -- watch him closely the next time he makes you a Slurpee. Chances are he's going to poison you sooner rather than later.

Jesus, how many people can we possibly put on this list? At 325,000 it's already out of control; why not add another million or so, just to make it interesting. It won't make it any harder to maintain and work -- it's already impossible.

How about adding every Muslim on the face of the planet? Easy. Then we can go to work on the Basque Separatists, the Sendero Luminoso, the Girl Scouts and finally wrap it all up with the Bokononists. But those Bokononists are an untrustworthy lot -- chances are they're already on that list.

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Anonymous said...

Dude your old, you make your own slurpees these days!