Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Climate of Fear Part 666

Thom Hartmann, nationally-syndicated Air America radio show host, author of several books, and all around smart guy, puts some historical smackdown on Cheney, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz over at Common Dreams.

Read it and see how these three -- especially Rummy and Dickhead -- are the living embodiment of the Military Industrial complex that Dwight Eisenhower warned us against so many years ago.

Way back in the Ford Misadministration they concocted a loose-screw theory of an invisible Soviet submarine that we couldn't pick up on sonar -- but which nevertheless could sneak up practically inside New York harbor before launching its deadly cargo.

Never mind the fact that we had a Detente treaty with the Soviets (which was signed, sealed and delivered by their old boss, Richard Nixon). Never mind the fact that later it was discovered that the Soviet Empire was collapsing from within, and they wouldn't have had the resources to develop this invisible submarine even if one were within the realm of possibility. Never mind the fact that even at the time, there was absolutely no proof that the sub existed. In one of those Orwellian exercises in logic that this gang is so famous for, they held that the very fact that no proof existed was proof that the submarine existed!

Read Thom's analysis -- I highly recommend it for a brief look at the history behind where we are now. Still in a climate of fear, still being "held hostile" by this gang of opportunistic rightwing thugs, still unable to get rid of them once and for all.


One Angry Patriot said...

Hey bro, just a minor factual error. Thom Hartmann's show is only on Air America Radio on Saturdays, and it's always a repeat of a show from earlier in the week. I'm not sure which network carries him on weekdays. Other than his weekend repeat, and substituting for Randi Rhodes while she was recovering from a hysterectomy, he hasn't had any affiliation with Air America Radio.

Farnsworth said...

Actually, I should have said that Hartmann was a nationally-syndicated radio talkshow host who may be heard on certain Air America stations.
He is on from 9:00 to noon on the Seattle affiliate, 1090 AM, daily.
With that kind of coverage, I tend to forget that he's not on nationally.
And speaking of Randi Rhodes, 1090 relagated her to the deadman slot of 6:00-9:00, which means that I really can't listen to her any more. I live just outside the broadcast circle of 1090 and when the sun goes down, their signal gets subsumed by those 50-zillion-watt tower-of-power stations from Alpha Centauri or god-knows-where.