Friday, February 03, 2006

Another Smoking Gun

Baby Doc told Tony "The Poodle" Blair nearly two months before he invaded Iraq that the war was inevitable, and The Poodle agreed to back him, regardless of the legality of the war, whether or not there was a second UN resolution or even if UN inspectors found no evidence of a banned Iraqi weapons program.

Read the whole disgusting story and be prepared to be angered and appalled. Especially over the part where Baby Doc planned to paint US spy planes with UN colors, do a low flyover, and hope that Saddam would open fire on them, thereby creating an "international incident" and a pretext for war.

I had to get this piece of news from The Guardian, in the UK -- where they still have the luxury of an independent press corps.

What are the odds you'll see this story anywhere in the American Media-Whore press? About the same as monkeys flying out of your ass.


drainbamage said...

So just what can you do to an impeached president? Is it just kicking him out of office or can we lock him up and toss the key, liquidate his assets and toss his family in jail too? I wonder what they will do to poodle boy!

Jemima said...

You have a good site here, glad I dropped by.

Farnsworth said...

Thanks, jvs. Welcome. I'm always glad to hear from visitors across the water.
I tend to rely on the UK for news stories that the American Whore Press refuses to cover, plus I majored in English Literature in college, so I'm already something of an Anglophile.
Plus your climate is pretty much just like mine -- drizzly and wet for much of the year.