Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Nope, Never Saw That Coming Either

Presenting today, number 6,891 in a mind-numbing series of totally artless, massively incompetent and completely maladroit Maladmininstration stumbles: Bumbling Secretary of State, Presidential "Second Wife", and inept prognosticator Condoleeza Rice asked the rhetorical question: Who could have predicted that Hamas would win that election? (Who, that is, besides Senator Joementum Lieberman (D-Turncoat), the Israeli-American commentator Israpundit and a whole slew of other people worldwide -- Google it for yourself if you don't believe me.)

Jesus, Condi, that's an instant classic. It's right up there with these other gems:

  • Who could have predicted that terrorists would fly a plane into a building in New York City, or say, Washington DC? (Who, that is, besides the people who put together the president's daily security briefings that he was unfortunately unable to read because they didn't have any pictures? Who besides the sources of the other 27 advance intelligence warnings about 9-11? Who besides everyone who read Tom Clancy's 1994 bestseller, Debt of Honor?)

  • Who could have predicted prior to 9-11 that Osama Bin Laden's brand of theofascist terrorism would be a huge and continuing problem for the United States? (Who, that is, besides Bill Clinton, who specifically warned Baby Doc about Osama as he was leaving office and the Chimperor was smirking his way in?)

  • Who could have predicted that cutting taxes during wartime would result in a ballooning deficit that would ultimately ruin the American economy? (Who, that is, besides every reputable economist in the world?)

  • Who could have predicted that an ill-advised, ill-conceived, illegal invasion of Iraq would turn into a Vietnam-nightmare tar-baby-sticky Imperial-storm-trooper misadventure that would gobble up thousands of American lives and billions of American tax dollars? (Who, that is, besides everyone on the planet with at least half a brain and a tenuous grip on reality?)
Condi, we pay you the big bucks at that prestigious and highly visible "first-among-equals" cabinet post with the frank expectation that you can predict these things. How can you keep fucking up so badly on this shit and still keep your job? Is it because Baby Doc can't fire you -- instead he'll have to "divorce" you?

Condi also said, "I don’t know anyone who wasn’t caught off guard by Hamas’ strong showing..."

Condi, baby, come on. You really need to get out more. Get some new friends. Maybe do a little shoe shopping.


Sarah said...

What a great post!

fbg46 said...

Ah, Condi the Clueless.

In the "Talk of the Town" section of this week's New Yorker, there's an interview with a former Israeli intelligence officer.

This guy had accurately predicted the rise of Hamas years ago, as well as the fact that it would be bad news for Israel -- 2d Intafada, etc.

He said that Abou Abbas had gotten wind that if the election was held anytime soon Hamas would win an outright majority. Abbas called Condi the Clueless, clued her in and begged that the election be postponed.

But ol' "Let Freedom Reign! [sic]" Condi was having none of it, nosiree. She flat refused to do anything to stave off the election and the result is, well, what we got now.

The retired intelligence guy said it will take Hamas years to get its act together, during which time nothing good of substance will occur.

Tnx yet again, Condi.

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

We kept wondering about hijackers driving planes into buildings at the NSA in the early nineties, the thought has always been around.

Farnsworth said...

About the only positive note that I can take away from this whole sad Condi the Clueless (BTW, I love that, fgb46!) thing is that this morning she predicted that the Steelers would win the Super Bowl.
I can now rest assured that my hometown team, the mighty Seahawks, will stomp some Steeler ass.
I wonder if we can get Condi to do some handicapping at the track -- whatever horse (or dog) she thinks is going to win will be a sure loser.
I tell ya, there's some $$$ to be made offa Condi the Clueless.

rightwingnut said...

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I knew it would take decades DAMIT decades... to secure Iraq freedom, DAMN I even swallowed the GODAMNCRAP about the DAMNED IRAQs wanting freedom and our GODAMN help rebuilding their GODMAN GODFROSAKEN country.

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