Thursday, March 09, 2006

VA Health Care Cuts and the Media

It's common knowledge to all of us out here in the larger community of veterans who are still non-comatose: The Bush Maladministration is cutting health care to America's veterans. Everyone except lockstep neo-fascist kool-aid drinkers like my old buddy Chickenshit Charlie knows this. We know it intuitively. We know it in our bones. We know it from looking into the agonized face of the suffering Iraq War veteran who has just been told it's going to be a six-month wait until he can even be evaluated, let alone treated.

But you wouldn't know if from a quick perusal of most of the SCLM/MSM. Here's a Google News search for the following phrase: "VA 'health care' cuts". Take a look and you will see a grand total of 78 hits as of today. And the vast majority of these are either relatively obscure Internet-only sites, such as ePluribus Media, or small-town, small-market newspapers such as the Maine Today/Morning Sentinel.

Jesus, it's no fucking wonder the bastards are getting away with all of their crap. The lazy-assed whore media is letting them! I am embarassed to admit that I once studied journalism and that I was an aspiring newspaper hack myself. I'd rather tell you that I played piano in a whorehouse -- and now I'd even tell my mother that, rather than admit to her that I worked in the media.

Be sure to check out my favorite media-critic websites, Media Matters for America for an ongoing analysis of the way the media covers stories. I try to look at it every day, and I'm never disappointed with their reports of where and how the media screws up -- and, oddly enough, those screwups seem to always happen when it comes to covering the progressive side of an issue, and never the neocon side. Hmmmmm.