Saturday, March 18, 2006

Three Years Too Many

This weekend there are numerous Three Years Too Many vigils, rallies and demonstrations all over the country.

Please consider attending one or more of these events in your area. Ending the illegal occupation of Iraq is too important -- no one should in good conscience be able to sit home doing nothing on this critical weekend.

So I'll be busy all weekend with anti-war activities. Be back on Monday.

Get active and stay active. End the war. Now.


Elizabeth Green said...

I am glad you are doing this Farnsworth. I wish I could get involved. My weekend is booked with teaching, working overtime, and taxes, etc. I will be with you in spirit, though

broncobob said...

We are brothers of the same dirty little war "in country" (as we said back in the day)... and my opinions of the abomination currently being carried out in Iraq rival your own. I wish you success in your efforts to help derail this madman while there are still any countries left that will recognize us as anything except erstwhile conquerers.

As I used to say every time I came upon one of my brothers, welcome home, my friend.

thepoetryman said...

Dear Farnsworth,
My name is Mark and I would like you to invite you to peruse my blog. It is a political poetry blog (new poetry and art daily) that I think you may find of interest.

I support you and the troops 100 percent. I do not, however, support Bush, except in a hope that he will change course and deliver us home and leave the Iraqi people intact.

I hope you will visit and I hope you find my poetry and pictures worthy. If you would like to post a comment, a critique, or just read. I would appreciate it greatly.