Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Birth of an Urban Legend?

I recently at my job received a copy of the following email from a concerned fellow employee:

Hi all
This last weekend, my husband and I met a local Lakewood [WA] Fire Department chief who is involved with FEMA and Homeland Security. He told us that March 28th appears to be a “red-letter day” with regard to terrorism. He wasn’t sure exactly what we might expect, but he did tell us that it has been confirmed that six nuclear weapons were smuggled into the US through one of our ports not too long ago.
I don’t want to scare anyone, I just thought it important to pass this information on to my friends and family so that folks can be prepared just in case…
Take care
I believe what we have here is the beginning, the germination, the veritable insemination of a Urban Legend in the making.

It has all the earmarks: A specific date coupled with a vague threat, an actual geographical location, and a reliable-sounding source/argument to authority (a fire chief). The only thing missing is the "friend of a friend" aspect -- however, when you pass this on, then it will, ipso facto, fulfill the FOAF requirement and will become totally and completely believable.

I'm actually surprised that this hasn't shown up yet on the Urban Legends pages at About.com or Snopes. So watch for it, and remember that you heard it here first.


Anonymous said...

OMG your going to getmo for sure!

JBlue said...

"I don't want to scare anyone." Really?

Farnsworth said...

Yeah, I know.
And this is circulating, even as we speak, within a large state government agency in the state of Washington.
Wouldn't it be funny -- in a perverse black-humor kind of way -- if this post was the basis for a runaway-panic Urban Legend?
Uh-oh. I think anonymous might be right...

rightwingnut said...

Stop the PRESS!!! I just heard on the radio 97.7 eagle this morning that some FBI under cover agents smuggled radioactive materials through both Canadian and Mexican borders. The test was conducted at the request of some senator.

You are just incubating the legend the FBI report was probably the source the Homeland Security Fire Chief (yes technically they too are under HS) reported...