Thursday, March 30, 2006

How's That Again?

According to the Washington Whore Post, he really said it:

"We support democracy, but that doesn't mean we have to support governments that get elected as a result of democracy."
And we also support children but not the schools they go to, we support veterans but not the hospitals they are confined to, we support old people but not the wasteful social security payments that they are consuming, etc etc etc.



Granny said...

They also said he is doing a little more off the cuff talking.

That can only count as a plus.

moderate said...

Lord God almighty! I hope I live til 2008!

missyfitz said...

Jesus is right..

GOOOOOOD GOD, he is an idiot. I wish I could come up with a more intelligent thing to say!


JBlue said...

Excellent points.

JBlue said...

From you, not him, that is.

drainbamage said...

I am sorry but which government was elected aren't we supporting this time? Give me a clue, what hemisphere is the country in?

Oh and the rest is so classic!

We support 80% of America but will give tax cuts to the other 20% who don't need it. Screw the hospital workers, teachers, children we need tax cuts again for the rich! Makes me want to puke!

Thanks again for pointing out how strange this world is getting!