Friday, March 17, 2006

Jessica Simpson Snubs Baby Doc

Jessica "Is Chicken of the Sea Really Fish?" Simpson is associated with a charity called Operation Smile, and she was in DC recently to talk to congressional members and their staff about all the good her charity does (and it does--check it out and think about making a donation).

The National Republican Congressional Committee saw this as a golden opportunity to grab some feel-good headlines for The Empty Sleevejob and his blind-pig Repug lackeys in Congress, so they invited Jessica to drop by a National Republican Congressional Committee fundraiser where she was promised some face time with the Man Without a Brain.

So who wouldn't jump at the chance to meet ... [drumroll] ... The President of the United States?

Turns out it was our own little Jessica, who refused to go to the fundraiser because she did not want to politicize her charity. You go, girlfriend! (And also because she didn't want to help raise money for the Repugnican Thugs who are running this Banana Republic? One can only hope.)

And word on the street has it that Baby Doc is more miffed at the Simpson Snub than he is over his rapidly plummeting poll numbers. And the whole of the NRCC is outraged over her refusal to associate herself with them.

Too bad, boys. Get the fuck over it, already. Time to move aside and let The People start running things again.

I can't wait to hear what Bloviator-in-Chief Limpdick Limbaugh will have to say about this.