Thursday, March 09, 2006

A Showdown Looms. Or Does it?

According to a Reuters News Service article, the White House is refusing to back down from the veto threat over the sale of port facilities to the United Arab Emirates.

Little Scotty McWeewee is pissing his pants over the posturing by the Republican-controlled House to attach a "no sale" clause to an Iraq-War/Afghan-War/Gulf-Coast-Rebuild spending bill. And at the same time that whiny-boy Scotty was spewing this crap to the White House Whore Press, congressional leaders were meeting privately with Baby Doc and giving him the bad news.

Meanwhile, all of us out here in the Left-Brain-Blogisphere of New Whateverland have been positively drooling over the possibility that the motherfucking weak-kneed Bush-sucking bootlicking sycophantic Republi-cants in Congress may have finally grown a pair of balls big enough to stand up to the Little Dick-tater. He has not vetoed one bill in five-plus years in office, and it would be a fine justice indeed if his rubberstamp lackeys in Congress vote to override his one and only veto. Which it looks like they have the votes to do.

Of course, we all agree that the fact that every single member of the House is up for reelection this year, the polls are lopsided against the deal, and none of them wants to have to defend a vote to sell America's security to the Taliban-supporting "Bankers of Al Qaeda", had absolutely nothing to do with it...

Of course the whole thing may be just another basic bait and switch: Latest news is that the Dubai company (actually not a "company" in the customary sense, but rather a wholly-owned corporate entity of the government of the UAE -- not that you'd know that from most of the SCLM/MSM reports) is backing off and will divest itself of its American holdings.

Given the absolutely corrupt deviousness of the Mayberry Machiavellians at the top of that stinking heap in our nation's capital, could it be that this whole thing was a smoke-and-mirrors stunt cooked up only to make the Congress look like it's acting tough and standing up to Baby Doc? With Dubai itself pulling out of the deal, it saves face for Baby Doc and makes the Congress look like they're strong and independent, willing to stand up for what's "right". All done without a vote, without a veto, without an override. Nice and clean.

Too clean.

The whole thing smells like a setup to me, yet another in a series of distractions to keep our focus off of what's really going on with the theft of our democratic republic right out from under our noses.

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Drainbamage said...

1 point for Farnsworth!

I think you hit it on the head with the smoke and mirrors. WMD, unsecured ports! UAE is that where the Cole was attacked?