Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Who Are They Trying to Fool This Time?

Followup to the Google-DOJ story: The corrupt and evil minions of the Bush Crime Family over at the Dept of Injustice haven't given up on Google yet. They still want the search logs, and they are still claiming that it's "for the children".

In fact, their justification is that they need all of the search files "in order to demonstrate that sites offering pornographic images of children are not only widespread but can be easily found."

Child pornography my ass -- if that's all they are really looking for, all they need to do is sit down at their computer and do a few Google searches for themselves. If those sites are truly that "widespread" and "easily found", how long do you think it would it take to find a couple hundred of them? Ten minutes? An hour? An eight-hour day? Whatever, I think we can afford the salaries of the lackeys they'd assign to this onerous task. Hell, I know a few people who would volunteer to do it for free.

But the real question (as usual) is this: Jesus Christ, do they really think we are this fucking stupid?

We are left wondering that, or else we have to wonder if they are really that stupid.

Either way, it doesn't give me a good feeling about the hapless and inept morons in charge of things in the BFEE.


Granny said...

I did a little googling myself right before I put a parental control on the kids' computer.

Even some of the "innocent" kids' games can be pornographic without our knowing it.

robinhood said...

oy vey. what slobs.

mel said...

It's actually been around for awhile, but if you haven't seen the video with the 'Jim's Big Ego' song, you really should.

"In a not-too-subtle dig at Bush's subpoena of their search records, Google is offering an artfully expressive dig at 'W' before the gag orders go into effect.
I don't know how long it will work, but go to (not the advanced search) and type in the search word: asshole. Then hit the "I'm feeling lucky" button right below the Search--and enjoy the result."

Fourth pew, center said...

Yes, they do think we're that stupid. And yes, they are that stupid themselves. Haven't they already proven it over and over?