Wednesday, March 22, 2006

VA Health Care Crisis: It's Clinton's Fault. Naturally.

In a story out of Pittsburgh, Eugene Nestler, an 82-year-old WWII AAF veteran who flew 30 bombing missions, was unceremoniously dumped out of VA health care and into a private facility. It's just another in a long series of slaps in the face to America's veterans, many of them elderly and frail, unable to stand up for themselves and their rights.

At the beginning of the decade of the 1990s, the VA was notoriously the worst health care system in the country. Bill Clinton (you remember him: dope-smoking draft-dodger who hated veterans and hated the military) decided to change all that. He appointed a guy named Dr. Kenneth Kizer to revamp the whole system, with the result that overall quality of health care at the VA skyrocketed astronomically.

So fast forward to the hostile takeover by the Repugs and the BFEE and the unconscionable cutbacks in VA health care and veterans benefits, inevitably resulting in numerous cases like Eugene Nestler, our WWII veteran.

Of course it's Clinton's fault: If he hadn't taken the initiative to radically improve things at the VA, today's disabled, sick and psychotic veterans would have nothing positive to compare today's fucked-up system to. They would be -- as they should be, as they soon will be once the budget cuts are all fully in place -- happy to be wallowing in their own waste, lying in unchanged sheets, their flyblown untreated stumps left to fester by an overworked and understaffed system that is now being set up to fail them, not care for them.

And what I can't understand, not at all, is the support this lying cheating stealing murdering soldier-killing veteran-hating Maladminstration still enjoys from so many veterans and active duty military.

I honestly can't understand it.


Retired E7 said...

I see more and more military starting to question the actions of this president. Too bad it's too little too late

merlallen said...

That has me stumped too.
I like to think that my career Army Republican father would have switched parties or sat out the 04 elections.

moderate said...

God bless you, said it just right!

nunya said...

You nailed it again. You are fabulous!