Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Cheap Bastards -- The Baby Doc Maladministration Screws Veterans. Again.

Out of Fontana, CA comes the story of wounded Iraqi War veteran Kevin Stonestreet. Kevin joined the Army as an infantryman following graduation from HS in 2001 and received a signing bonus of $20,000, to be paid out over the six-year term on his enlistment.

So far so good, but when Stonestreet was wounded in Iraq and came home with a Purple Heart and an early honorable discharge due to PTSD, the Army demanded that he give up $2200 out of his final pay... because he hadn't finished his six-year "contract".

What a bunch of fucking bullshit this is. But it just goes to show you -- again -- exactly how little regard the ruling class has for its warriors. They are just cannon fodder, pieces of meat thrown into the sausage grinder to further the ends of the Empire.

They treat our soldiers like raw material in a factory, to be used up and flushed down the toilet, and the sorry motherfuckers just can't figure it out why enlistments are down and reenlistments have fallen off.

Why are we letting these fuckers run our country?


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Pacific John said...

Great job picking this up. A number of prople onilne have been outraged at this story, but so far have not grabbed the attention of the major media.

fbg46 said...

Completely OT:

Maj. Tim Powledge, USMC, CO of Wpns Co, 3/7 Marines and the son of a friend landed along with the 3/7 at March AFB yesterday after their second tour in Iraq, this time in Ramadi, which was Very Bad News.

Welcome Home, Tim and the 3/7.

Now let's get everybody home.

thepoetryman said...

Damn! This pisses off this non military man I can only imagine what it does for the enlisted and veteran! And they wonder why recruitment is down?



And here is one in tune with this particualr post!

It is not enough that you served with honor
It is not enough that you died for the cause
It is only enough that you are most willing
To die over and over until death has no loss

`til it finds passage through the vein of self
Torturing you through its very pounding

How dreaded and parched is your termination
How outrageous and bloodied damp are theirs

How might we know the horror of your plight
Without looking deeper than the beggar’s eyes
Without examining infinitely the empty corpse
Without narrowing our glance at rib and tongue

It is not enough that we serve a mighty tower
It is not enough that we die at its engulfing us

How might we know when it has come `round
Come to collect our very bones for the sacrifice

Will it place marks upon our shoulder, forehead

It is not enough that you served with solid honor
How might we know without ownership of you
That you gave up everything of you to save her
How might we know unable then to see the person

It is not enough that you, sir, were willing to die
It is not enough to lay claim to that and that alone
It is only enough that you are one most willing

Death to repeat within you and you evaporate
To die again and again and again and...