Monday, March 27, 2006

Scalia Calls it "Crazy" -- We Call it "The Constitution"...

In a tape that surfaced over the weekend, SCOTUS Blowfly Antonin, aka "Tony-Pro" aka "Quack-Quack" Scalia calls Guatanamo detainees' claims to have rights "crazy".

No word yet on whether the loose-jowled scowler is going to recuse himself from the case, having already been shown to have pre-judged it, but my guess is that old Quack-quack, if he wasn't willing to recuse himself from the Dick Quickdraw McGraw Cheney case, having just gone on an intimate duck hunting trip with old Wildshot Crashcart himself, chances are he won't see any difficulties here, either.

It's like Judge Roy Bean, the legendary Law West of the Pecos: "We're gonna give the ornery galoot a fair trial and then we're gonna string 'im up." Let's not let all that inconvenient crap contained in that used wad of toilet paper otherwise known as the United States Constitution get in our way.

After all, to Baby Doc and the rest of the crypto-fascist fundo-Xian corporatist motherfuckers in the BFEE, t's just a goddam piece of paper, anyway. And with Scalia wiping his ass with it, I don't think it can hold up much longer.

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drainbamage said...

Can you impeach a SCJ?