Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Bush the Impostor

When even your rightwing base turns on you, you'd better give up. But that's not in the makeup of the Empty Sleevejob.

Bruce Bartlett was a Reagan Republican and he paints a no-holds-barred picture of Baby Doc that those of us out here in the part of America that doesn't count have been seeing -- and commenting on -- for years.

Bush is no conservative, by any stretch of the imagination or any creative use of the word, but it takes a true conservative like Bartlett to say that to anyone who will listen. His book Impostor: How George W. Bush Bankrupted America and Betrayed the Reagan Legacy holds that Bush has been a total impostor, a fraud, a wolf in conservative's clothing, who has deliberately set out to dismantle the Reagan legacy and bankrupt America.

It's fascinating reading (despite the fact that I disagree with Bartlett on any number of important ideological points, but never mind that--I can disregard all of that for that delicious rush of schadenfreude I get from seeing Baby Doc get raked over the coals by a real conservative), and well worth the time to see the true face of the anti-Americanism of the fascist neocons who have taken over our country, and who are the controllers behind the Baby Doc Meat Puppet.

It is also both surprising and appalling to see the number of conservatives who still blindly follow our corrupt misleader as he continues, at several million dollars an hour now, to drive our country into fiscal -- and moral -- bankruptcy. And as long as those Koolaid-drinking blind followers keep enabling the little fucker, the more damage he will do.

Bartlett's book ought to be mandatory reading for every conservative who has not yet examined Bush's alleged conservatism and found that it is wanting in nearly every facet.