Thursday, March 23, 2006

SCOTUS Shocker

In an unanticipated -- and welcome -- blow for liberty and individual rights, the Supreme Court ruled 5-3 (Alito sitting out) against the Stasi agents police and the Fourth Reich Bush Maladministration in a search and seizure case.

See the full story on the case and then take a guess who besides our new Grand Inquisitor Chief Justice were among the only three dissenters.

Okay, no-brainer. Of course it was Floppy-jowl Scalia and Houseboy Thomas. Jesus, somebody ought to clue those two plus Roberts in to that whole "intent of the founders" concept about unreasonable search and seizure (hint: it's in the Constitution, boys, that just-a-goddam-piece-of-paper document that you and your plantation masters in the BFEE are working so fucking hard to wipe, shred and flush).