Thursday, March 16, 2006

A "Must-See" for All Democratic Politicians

I always watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I'm more than a little out of the demographic, but I'm right in there with the twenty-somethings who see the show as one of their prime sources of news.

So the other night Paul Hackett was on, and he had some pointed -- and hilarious -- advice for the Dems. You can watch the video clip over at the Bradblog site.

Warning: Some material might be offensive to Democratic Party fatcats, bigwigs, know-nothings and idea-less hangers-on.


moderate said...

I saw it too...thought Hackett was outstanding...unfortunately, the dem party leaders evidently didn't like him...shame

mel said...

Sometimes, watching TDS is the only thing that keeps me from punching a hole in the wall. Or, crying myself to sleep. Or both.

In a series chock-full of stellar bits, this was one of the best segments ever.