Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Seeing Progress?

Citing vague and unreliable "success stories" that only he can see, Baby Doc is beating the drum for staying the course -- whatever that means -- in Iraq. Meanwhile his credibility is in the toilet, VP Crashcart is still maintaining that the insurgency is in its last throes (where it has been for two years now), and even hardcore Repugs are running for cover.

That's the story out of Cleveland today, where The Bushit Man made an appearance before something called The City Club -- which I will predict, sight unseen, is a Repug bastion of business types on the sinking Lake Erie shore, filled with a bunch of the kind of Koolaid-drinking Sleevejob supporters that seems to be the only people allowed into these scripted propaganda sessions.

It's pathetic that even his meat-puppet handlers can't come up with something better than this pathetic display. Baby Doc prides himself on being the CEO President, but even a stupid CEO eventually comes up against the fact that the people working for him are morons and fires them.