Wednesday, March 08, 2006

It's Not Who Votes That Counts, it's Who Counts the Votes

It's beginning to look suspiciously like the 2008 presidential election is already over, and the Democrats lost. This is why the Repugs have been acting with such reckless abandon, as if they don't ever have to worry about getting elected again.

Turns out they don't. The California Repugnican Thug Secretary of State Bruce McPherson has just bought into his own Diebold Disaster, acting contrary to the advice given him by just about everyone, and the 2008 California presidential election returns will be "counted" on Diebold machines.

It is demographically impossible for the Democrats to win the presidency without the California electoral votes, to counter all of the impossibly-front-end-loaded small red states like Wyoming and South Dakota, all of whom have electoral college votes that are way out of proportion to their population. With Diebold machines counting the votes in California, the election is all but over for the Dems.

The machines were rushed into play to meet Federal demands for a change in the California voting system prior to the April 10 San Diego election. The June primary is coming up and the state has to have in place a new system by then. Diebold won by default, even with the many documented cases of hacking and other problems.

It's too late for this year's elections, but this must be stopped before the 2008 elections. It's not too late for that. Californians must rise up and demand that their representatives in the California Assembly put a stop to this nefarious plan. If you know anyone in California, please call them or email them and plead with them to contact their assemblyman or woman.

With all of the documented problems with the Diebold machines in Ohio, Alaska and elsewhere, it is unconscionable to allow any votes to be recorded on and counted by Diebold machines.

BTW, one of the many issues with the Diebold machines is that there is no way to validate the counts. They don't leave a paper trail. Diebold and its enablers have given a variety of reasons for why this is impossible. BUT...I just went to my credit union yesterday and withdrew some walking-around-money. The cash machine was manufactured by ... Diebold, and it didn't seem to have any difficulty at all with giving me a printed receipt.

So it's really nothing more than a LIE that the voting machines can't print out a voter-verified paper record. It's just a goddam fucking LIE.

And that headline at the top of this post? That was a line from none other than Uncle Joe Stalin, who, I submit, knew something about "winning" elections.

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Granny said...

We did rise up or at least I did. I live in a world of idiots.