Thursday, March 09, 2006

Another Baby Doc Bitch-slap to America's Veterans

It's like the little fucker is just plain incapable of thinking. Like my Oklahoma grandmother used to say, "that boy ain't right in the head".

Next week Baby Doc will be visiting small-town America, Canandaigua, NY (pop 11,264), to talk about Social Security. Okay,that's fine as far as it goes (which isn't very far when it comes to the BFEE's retirement plans for us, but that's another post for another day), but I think it's more than a little odd that he will be in a town that is home to a sprawling 171-acre VA hospital, one that was marked for closure in 2003 and was kept open only through the combined efforts of a local letter-writing campaign and the clout of New York elected officials, without talking about veterans.

My question should be obvious: Why isn't the Empty Sleevejob going to talk about veterans' benefits, veterans' rights, and especially veterans' health care? So far it's not on the published agenda, and the VA hospital isn't on the short list of stops for the photo-op visit.

So it comes down to just another slap in the face to America's veterans. We ought to be used to it by now.

But we aren't.


drainbamage said...

Dunno maybe he wants to scare the people of the town by talking about "fixing SS"? Teach em a lesson for writing protest letters!

Here is my solution if Social Security should ever go broke, the SS Tax.

Anyone who owns more than $3,000,000 in assets has all of their assets above $3,000,000 seized liquidated and the money goes to the Social Security program.

Wasn't that simple, we should all repeat this to everyone who thinks we can lose our SS program.

Bill Gates alone would fund the plan for years to come, but why not toss in most of the filthy stinking rich people?

Should work fine, its not like they would be as poor as 90% of the US.

merlallen said...

these chickenhawks are shamed by veterans, that is why we are treated with contempt by them

JBlue said...

It would save the man some trouble if you all just start slapping yourselves for him. That would free him up to fuck over some other peops, see?