Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Official Secrets Act

Okay, the Brits have one; we don't have one yet, but you'd never know it by watching the machinations of the BFEE, working behind the scenes in a trial in Virginia that definitely bears watching.

See the full story, You're a Spy on the website, and you will agree that, if they are given the ability to run unfettered with this line of reasoning, the BFEE will be able to arbitrarily and unilaterally arrest and detain ANYONE for violation of the obscure and chillingly broad Chapter 37 of the USC, Espionage and Censorship, especially the Stasi-enabling Section 793.

If this case comes down the way the BFEE wants it to, investigative journalists (that is, the few we have left) will be first on the chopping block for disclosing what they've learned in the course of an investigation, if the information involves "secrets" (and what doesn't in this administration?) and the person "handling" it -- and that means even receiving it -- does so "with intent or reason to believe that the information is to be used to the injury of the United States or to the advantage of any foreign power".

Read that over again. It doesn't even require intent. And since the Busheviks have been chanting the dirge all along that anyone who is not with them is against them, and those who are against them are with the terrorist enemy... Well, you can see where this is going.

Jesus, it's not as if nearly the whole totality of the fucking media isn't already behind the bastards. But they can't stand any embarrassment, any hint that what they are doing is in conflict with that is the good of the country, and they'd like nothing more than to Guantanamize people like Seymour Hersh and the few remaining investigative journalists who still believe that their job is to expose corruption, corrosion and criminality at every level of government.

That's why the press was originally called The Fourth Estate.

And after locking up the journalists, how long will it be until they come after those of out here in Left Blogistan who are guilty as hell of publishing "secrets" that can be used to the advantage of any foreign power? Get that, any foreign power. Not just our "enemies" (whoever they happen to be this week: Eastasia or Oceania). Even Canada, England or tiny Andorra, if they can conceivably derive any advantage from those "secrets", will be sufficient to put us away.

I've said it before: We're fucked. But it's not going to shut me up.

Like the rabid gun-owners say, they can have my voice when they pry it from my cold dead throat.

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Granny said...

The one advantage to getting old is that my jail sentence will be shorter than most.

That's what they will have to do to get me to shut up.

Good for you. I'm every bit as outraged - I just lack your knack of expression.