Sunday, March 05, 2006

Scalito to Dobson: I Love You

Did everyone see this? Stripsearch Sammy Scalito wrote a thank-you note to James Dobson, of Focus on the Fetus Family, expressing his "heartfelt thanks" to the sanctimonious asshole for, among other things, his "help and support during the past few challenging months".

He also thanked Dobson for all of the people around the country who were praying for him and his family during that oh-so-trying nomination hearing, where his wife had no choice to break down and cry. Oh boo hoo.

I can't recall an instance from my 50+ years of court watching (ever since Brown v. Board of Education; I attended a segregated grade school in rural Oklahoma) wherein a newly-appointed justice wrote such a blatantly political missive-- of any kind, let alone such a smarmy and obsequious thank-you note -- to the leader of a crackpot political faction.

Not only is it just bad form, but it tears down that illusion that we'd all like to keep, that the SCOTUS is somehow ensconced on some Olympian heights, well above the political fray. (Okay, so I'm a dreamer; sue me.)

But here's the kicker: he also said to Dobson in the letter, "As long as I serve on the Supreme Court I will keep in mind the trust that has been placed in me." I think I know what that's code for...

So, do I have any takers on a $1000 bet that Scalito will be the deciding vote to overturn Roe v. Wade and return us to the dark ages of women's reproductive rights?


Granny said...

No takers here. I posted this thing a few days ago but I can't remember if anyone noticed.

If we take a look state by state, starting with the recent debacle in South Dakota, overturning Roe won't matter that much. One court decision after another has all but gutted it.

I'll still do what I can but I'm far more worried about more Federal laws like the third trimester (partial birth to use their words) being passed. My state would keep their non-restrictive laws, with or without Roe (I think, anyhow - we have our share of loonies too). If new Federal law supersedes, we don't stand a chance.

In the end, we'll be back where we started. Abortion has always been an option for the well-to-do. It's the poor women who will die or be forced into breeding against their wishes.

Farnsworth said...

Thanks, Granny. And that's what they have wanted all along, to turn back the clock to the days before the poor and the disaffected and the disenfranchised got so goddamned uppity and started demanding things like their civil rights and human dignity and constitutional protections and other inconvenient stuff like that.
If my cousin Teddy Roosevelt (long story, short version: My mother was a descendant of the 16th century New Netherlands Van Der Poels, as was Teddy) were still alive, he'd be kicking some Republican ass right about now. Big time.

NOLAWItch said...

Thanks for continuing to fight for our Constitutional rights even after leaving the service. People like you, my husband and other progressives give me hope that the future isn't rat-fucked beyond all redemption.


I am with granny no thanks, I don't gamble anyway. This great country of ours is going to hell in a handbag. These right-winged criminal corrupt repugnicans are wiping their asses with the Constitution and counting on the publics ignorance, gullibility and religous prejudice. They don't care about women only their own political power.

Granny said...

Just discovered I hadn't posted it. Oops. Now fixed. Sometimes I'll read something important, get distracted, and convince myself I've already taken care of it.

The governor signed the SD law.

My distant relative (very distant) is Henry Clay. Don't know if that's a good thing or not.