Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Daddy's Drunk Again -- Hide the Keys

From Terminal Boy over at Livejournal we get the following (excerpt):

He's always broke. He has to borrow money to finance his nights out on the town. He tells the people he borrows from that he'll get them back sometime in the future.
He's been known to get drunk and attack people who haven't done anything to him. Invariably, this gets him in fights that he can't win.
When any of his friends question his choices he loudly declares that either they are "with him or against him" and calls them cowards. When someone in the family questions him, he tells them that they are ungrateful and obviously don't care as much about the family as he does.
Check out the full story and tell me if you don't think that the President of the US is an alcoholic father on a bender.

You redstate morons, even you wouldn't tolerate this kind of behavior from your brother-in-law, your cousin, your sister. Why in the hell do you tolerate it in the President of the United States? Why did you vote for the motherfucker when you could see all along what he was?

Because you are a bunch of goddam enablers, that's why. You are in such denial about your Daddy that you would make excuses for the sonofabitch if you caught him stomping your puppy to death.

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Kilgore Trout said...

tell me what you really think of him, i think your holding back.

Great analogy, and great site.