Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Those Nasty Bastards at ACORN

Jeez, from listening to the "news" (aka the wingnut talking points being spread like fresh manure by the CPM*) this week, you'd think that ACORN (the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) was a cross between the old Communist Party USA and Al Qaeda, with a smattering of KKK-Nazis thrown in for seasoning.

So if the wingnuttery wants to keep talking about what a grave threat to America that ACORN really is, then I'm sure they wouldn't have any problem at all condemning (eschewing, denouncing, execrating, etc etc) an American politician who actually stood up before an ACORN-sponsored event and not only did he give a speech, no! He was the keynote speaker!

Yep, it's true. Somebody better tell Caribou Barbie about it so she can start excoriating his participation in such an obviously anti-American event.

Only one problem: It was 2006, and that keynote speaker? Grampaw McSame.

It was at a rally in Miami way back in Febuary 2006, and the topic was comprehensive immigration reform.

Jeez, what a difference just a couple of short years can make.

War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength1.

* Capitalist Pig Media, formerly known as the MSM/SCLM

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Lisa P said...

Isn't it disgusting. I tried to watch Acorn answer concerns from the Press Club. Fox was covering it and the build up to Acorn facing the press was pretty big. To bad Acorn started explaining how they are well aware of duplicate registrations and the use of false names and they themselves separate out the problem registrations and label them as such before turning them over to election officials...as required by law. I guess that little nugget wasn't important. The Fox commentator cut this ever so important event off after a few seconds. She actually asked her sound guy to turn down Acorn's president's voice so the commentator could be heard. Whatever.

I guess it's a good sign to see the McCain campaign already preparing their case for why they lost the election, even if it is bunk. I do think there were some things happening that shouldn't have, but it is the nature of paying people by what they bring in. Acorn doesn't stand behind it, however.