Friday, October 24, 2008

That Damned Elusive Birth Certificate

It's got to be the sign of a campaign in desperate disarray. Now there's a big flap in the wingnuttery that Barack Obama's sudden trip to Hawaii has nothing to do with his sick grandmother, and everything to do with a hail-mary attempt to "suppress" the "truth" about his birth certificate.

I was at my local Democratic HQ this afternoon making some get-out-the-vote phone calls, reminding Washington state residents that they need to fill out and get back their absentee ballots, when the woman sitting next to me hung up her phone and kind of groaned in frustration.

Turns out that she had just called a full household of registered voters who had, at the last minute (or so the person on the other end of the phone claimed), switched their allegiance from Barack Obama to John McCain ... solely on the issue of Obama's "questionable" birth certificate.

Okay, for beginners I don't believe that any rational person is going to switch his/her allegiance based on this scurrilous rumor about Obama's birth certificate, and I told that to my coworker, which calmed her down some (she was practically in tears over the issue, which is probably what the asshole wanted).

And second of all, why in the fuck would Obama wait until the 11th hour of the campaign and only then make a special trip to Hawaii to suppress whatever negative information that questionable birth certificate held?

If you'll recall, the BFEE went to great pains to suppress any and all evidence about Baby Doc's questionable Texas Air National Guard "service", long before he even announced that he was running.

If you want the truth about Obama's "questionable" birth certificate, you don't need to go any further than Snopes:

But as I say, this is illustrative of a campaign in its final death throes, when they are willing to pull out all of the stops. It wouldn't surprise me if they suddenly come up with an obviously Photoshopped picture of Obama fucking sheep and stomping puppies at the same time.

Sadly, this kind of shit usually works with the Moron-American Voting Bloc. But I'm glad to see that that particular group seems to be shrinking daily. I think that most American voters are now of the "we won't be fooled again" school.

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mrln said...

AND those wingnuts are complaining that Obama used his campaign plane to fly to Hawaii. Like, with all the hatred they've been stirring up against him he can get on a commercial flight...

I'd like to donate money to pay for his trip...anyone else?