Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This is Brilliant!

Okay, just supposing that the Rethugs manage to pull some of those senatorial seats out of the fire and hang on to them, which would make for a less-than-veto-proof majority for the Dems.

According to David Lindhoff over at Buzzflash, all Obama has to do is nominate a couple or three "liberal-ish" GOP senators to cabinet or near-cabinet-level positions from states that have Democratic governors.

Maine's Susan Collins or Olympia Snow are obvious choices. Both of them have exhibited that strong independent stream that Down Easters are notorious for. And on the other side of the country, Oregon's Gordon Smith has been running so hard away from Baby Doc, Grampy and Barbie that he's eligible for a world speed record. He's been campaigning almost as an ally of Obama anyway.

None of these individuals would turn down the prestige of a cabinet post, and both states have Democratic governors who would choose fellow Democrats as their replacments.

It would have the dual result of getting that 60-vote majority, and it would piss off the Rethugs no end.


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mrln said...

Great strategy. I've been thinking about what would happen if the election is close, and the Repugs claim victory. Obama can contest the outcome, and he'll have a pool of tens of thousands (probably more) of disenfrancised voters to claim. Since the Dems haven't been disenfrancising voters, they'll have no such pool to draw from. SO any recount would favor Obama, and all the Democrats...