Monday, October 13, 2008

More on "Did I Mention I was a POW?

Since Grampaw McSame is still bringing up his prisonerhood at every conceivable opportunity, I have a question for the American people (aka "my friends"):

If being a prisoner in Vietnam somehow automatically qualifies someone to be president, why don't we elect Gary Glitter?

I'm just asking.


Harry Homeless said...

Hey, I got your book, "A bad attitude". First few chapters have been awesome. Btw, the phrase "bad attitude" has been used on me once or twice :)

Farnsworth68 said...

Thanks, HH. After seeing your blog, I can see why you have had that phrase used on you as well...
Thanks for getting the book. Feel free to write your own review on Amazon -- if you still like it when you finish it.
--The F Man

Harry Homeless said...

I figure I need all the bad attitude I can get since President Igor plans on fouling the streets of Dallas here in his post-pillaging sneering. I got a picture of Jesus on my blog shooting the bird and I dearly wish to put that on a billboard by his house. He wouldn't admit it, but I'm sure every time he saw that picture he'd take it personally :)

But actually, me bark is worse than me bite. It's all love in the end. No matter how vile or misguided, all words are spoken within the context of the struggle for love.

I'll surely let you know my final thoughts on the book too.