Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Haven't Gone MIA -- And Neither Should You

You may have noticed that I've been fairly quiet with the posts lately. Not up to my usual output. Okay, mea culpa. But here's why: I've been volunteering my time at my local Democratic Party HQ, calling new voters and "weak" Democrats to remind them to vote for Barack Obama.

And, if that wasn't taking up enough of my time, I'm also trying to piece together the pictures and video that I took on my vacation to Vietnam into a coherent whole.

Yeah, I know: "Whine whine whine."

Still, since this is THE most important election of our lives -- certainly of my life, and I'm fucking OLD -- let me encourage all of you to get out of the house these last few days before November 4th and DO SOMETHING!!!

Contact your local Obama Campaign HQ or your local Democratic Party, and volunteer to make telephone calls, canvas door-top-door, or even fulfill a support role by getting coffee and sandwiches for those who are doing the front-line work. In this election, every vote counts! Your phone call to a voter can make the difference between that person blowing off the election or actually casting a ballot for Barack Obama.

Get out there and help. This election is too important for all of us for you not to help.

Besides, you'll meet a lot of really cool people and most likely you'll make some new friends. Four years ago, when I was active in the Veterans for Kerry movement, I met two people who are now among my very closest friends.